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APSEC 2015 Experiences

Recently had an opportunity to participate in 22nd Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC-2015) held in New Delhi. I would like to share my experiences of the event.

The conference had following three very interesting key note addresses:

Evolving Critical Systems
Trends in Automation and Control Systems Needing Efficient Software Engineering
Building an Open Identity Platform for India

Both Research and Industry Track papers covered a wide variety of software engineering research areas such as Bug Localization, Eye tracking Metrics, Code Inspection, Project Staffing and Scheduling, Embedded Systems, Dynamic Software Metrics, Project Outcome Prediction, Business Logic Complexity, Inheritance Metrics, Software Requirement Quality Assessment, Automotive Software Systems, Dynamic Software Updates, Cloud Based Software Engineering, Software Testing, Teaching Software Design and others. You can access the full list of selected papers (soon to be available on IEEE Xplore) here.

We had a privilege to present our paper titled: “Efficient and Scalable Collection of Dynamic Metrics using Map-Reduce” at APSEC-2015. An authors’ copy of the paper can be accessed by sending an email to singhpv@nitj.ac.in.

Also had good conversations with some of the leading researchers in software engineering research.