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**Most of this information represents the research I was involved in my previous assistant professor role at NIT Jalandhar.

My research has been a group activity where I work with a motivated group of Master and PhD level scholars along with my external collaborators from both academia and industry to solve a number of interesting research problems related to the fields of software engineering and education.

My Group

My research interests revolve around the software engineering subareas of software design, architecture and quality, with my major emphasis on the design quality improvement activities such as code smell detection, refactoring and modularization, supported by program analysis based software metrics, particularly dynamic/runtime metrics.

I am also quite interested in finding better solutions to the existing research problems related to the above mentioned interest areas through Evidence Based Software Engineering (EBSE), which is modeled on collecting and analyzing the existing evidences extracted from the previous research literature in order to solve various software engineering research problems.

Finally, being an academic, innovating new ways of transferring my knowledge to students, colleagues and the outside world remains a high priority interest area.

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