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Note-taking and maintaining learning journals are proven as effective tools in students’ learning and performance. Lately, I have been working on investigating the impact of note-taking and learning journals of CS students in higher education.

SEABED – Software Engineering Case-Based Learning Database

SEABED is a Case Based Learning Database Platform for assisting Software Engineering (SE) education, which we are developing in collaboration with SE faculty from other India universities. Case based learning is a teaching methodology based on discussing and analyzing real world problems and solutions. A case is like a story related to a real world situation that sources a number of challenging problems. CBL is quite common in the fields of medicine and law, but is rare in CS or SE fields. We intend to provide a community supported comprehensive repository of SE cases to help SE instructors, practitioners, experts and students in achieving their training and learning goals.


We are looking forward to extending SEABED in mainly three ways:

1) by focusing more on case quality than quantity.

2) by building a vibrant SE CBL community that triggers enough activity around SEABED, required for the platform to reach a critical and wider mass. We have been communicating with SE academics and researchers across the globe for case submissions, reviews and revisions. We are also supporting atleast 2 SE instructors working at different engineering institutes in India through emails in writing cases in accordance with their course curricula and also helping them in conducting the case based learning sessions in their classrooms.

3) by developing an automatic recommendation system for suggesting new similar cases to a case reviewer, based on his previous case reviews and revisions.

For more on SEABED, visit www.seabed.in.


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