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CBL Lecture

Picture: Teaching at NIT Jalandhar

I will be teaching four computer science and software engineering courses at undergraduate level in 2019: programming techniques (2), object-oriented software construction (1), and software development methodologies (1) at School of Computer Science at UoA.

In the past couple of years, I offered courses on Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Computer Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Object-Oriented Programming at UG level, and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Statistical Methods for Research, and Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms at PG level. You can access a complete list of the courses offered during my academic career.

In the current semester, I am offering a 4 credits (theory – 3, laboratory – 1) UG course titled Advanced Programming Concepts in Java, and a 3 credits PG course titled Agile Software Engineering (Industry Elective – in collaboration with Infosys, Chandigarh). My teaching methods would comprise a mix of the lecture-based, project-based and case-based learning techniques. To make my lectures interesting, I intend to employ a number of analogies, examples and demonstrations to support the concept understanding. Additionally, students will gain from a set of brand new SE cases that I plan to practice in the class, as well as upload to our SEABED portal (www.seabed.in). Apart from this, both the courses will be well-supported by my research group’s Evening Sessions under Build up to SE Research initiative.