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To Fresh MTech Students

While preparing an Orientation Session presentation for our incoming batch of M.Tech CSE students, I was trying to figure out what was the foremost question on the mind of a fresh M.Tech scholar. After deeply analysing a set of prospective questions, I was finally able to zero-in on one of them. “What are the carrier possibilities from here on?”.

With this on my mind, I decided to frame a possible carrier hierarchy for M.Tech students to let them understand that they have actually enormous opportunities lying ahead, which they can grab with both hands with the help of those three d’s, discipline, dedication and devotion. Also, these three d’s are supported by their rising maturity levels which they lacked during their UG days. From my last three years of M.Tech Coordinator-ship, I can conclude that the carrier aims of the incoming M.Tech students can be divided into mainly three categories:

  1. Students aiming to pursue academia and research
  2. Students aiming for campus job placements (private IT industry)
  3. Students aiming to crack PSU examinations
  4. Students aiming for their own start-ups

Out of the above four categories, most of the students are of types 1) or 2), just a few of type 3), and even fewer of type 4). Although the ultimate goals might be limited, there are multiple possible paths to get there; and paths to the same destination will differ in years, skills, exposure, and process, which are finally going to play major roles in achieving a desired success level. I present to you this hierarchy which is quite helpful to the incoming M.Tech Scholars in deciding their future directions.

MTech hirarchy